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Let our clients’ recommendations speak for us!

Our clients are involved in every step of the way so that we can be sure we are executing their vision. As such, we develop a very close relationship with our clients, and by the end of the project, they feel like family. We care about our clients and about our craft. When we leave your home at the conclusion of your project, you can be assured that we continue to stand by our work.

Dear future Kraydi Builders customer,

The Short Story:

One a scale from 1-10, Walid and his crew rate a billion. They had incredibly high standards, which was reflected in their work, and they pointed out little things or asked questions that ultimately made our project even better.

The Long Story:

I had the pleasure of working with Kraydi Builders on a total remodeling of my kitchen, dining and the replacement of a sun room. The project started in December 2021 and was completed in March 2022. We stayed in the house during the construction and interacted with Walid and his crew on a daily basis.

Walid is kind and smart, and really listens. I told him what i wanted and he told me his plan. He introduced me to his crew, with Jaime as the foreman. I cannot rave more about these people, they were- to a person- friendly and highly skilled. My older cat even fell in love with one of the crew. Maybe that says it all!

One of the things I dreaded was the chaos: the normal stressors of living without a real kitchen, but still needing to eat; the construction dust that would end up all over the ; the weirdness of having strangers in my house. Other stressors included COVID COVID COVID, and the resulting supply chain issues.

They were all very sensitive to the fact that we were living here and that my husband was still working from home. They set us up with space for us to have easy access to our refrigerator and microwave. They also time things so if we would lose access to things, it would be when it had the least impact.

Walid treats every construction site as it had asbestos, which meant that my house was super clean. There was one day that he warned me they were doing something that would kick up a lot of dust, event that day, they ahead done such a thorough cleaning job that the dust didn’t travel far- actually we nosed into the construction area and carried dust out with us, so whose fault was that?

Ultimately, Walid, Jaime and the others were a joy to have around.

We are so so so happy with our new kitchen, dining and sunroom. Oddly, though, I miss these guys. 🙂

Helen D.

Both my wife and I have nothing but great things to say about Walid and Kraydi Builders. When we purchased our first home we needed to do almost a full gut renovation of the property. Neither of us had ever been involved with such an extensive project before and the scope and cost was daunting. However, our concerns were put at ease when our realtor put us in touch with Walid. Walid came out to the property before we put an offer on our house and gave us a rough estimate of what the costs would be, and once were under contract he gave us a more detailed breakdown of the costs for the work and the timeframe for completion. During each stage of the renovations, Walid was in constant contact with us. He provided us with status updates on the project, and indeed, he insisted that we meet regularly at the property so that we could see the progress on the project and so that he could answer any questions. Needless to say, when you do not have previous experience going through a home renovation that kind of open communication helped put both me and my wife at ease.

This constant communication also extended to the costs of the project as well. Prior to the project, my wife and I had heard horror stories of contractors submitting invoices that were way in excess of the initial estimate. In working with Walid, each time there was a change in the scope of work he walked us through what had to be done, what was optional, the pros/cons of any optional work, and the costs associated with the change in scope. He always made sure to seek our approval before going outside the initial scope of work and to explain the need for the change.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t also point out that Walid finished the project ON TIME! We had a hard deadline for moving into our new home. We expressed this deadline to Walid in the beginning and he promised us he could meet it, and true to his word, he did.

I highly recommend Walid to anyone looking for a contractor

Ian and Christina T.

We highly recommend Walid Al-Kraydi for your home improvement projects. Walid guarantees quality work at a reasonable cost and is true to his word. The first project he completed for us was adding a wainscoting wall treatment to our dining room. His work helped make our room into a more upscale and formal space. We have since hired Walid to complete additional projects and recommended him to our friends who have been impressed by his work. Walid is kind, trustworthy, easy to work with, and is a consummate professional, who is only satisfied with the job when you are happy. Based on our experience, we believe you will be very happy with his service.

Kenneth M. and Torrey W.

“We had a fantastic experience with Kraydi Builders. Walid and his team helped us get our new home in shape, which was not an easy task with only 30 days between closing and move in. They helped us strategize about what to tackle now vs. later, and then went above and beyond to finish a partial kitchen remodel, restore damaged hardwood floors, install recessed lighting, and fully gut a basement, all on budget and on schedule. From the fine carpentry details to the large scale demolition, we were consistently impressed with the quality of Kraydi Builders’ work – and they were always friendly and great to work with. We will absolutely use them again in the future!”

Meg H.

Walid, thank you! I really appreciated your leadership, teamwork and all-around creative work to make this project a success.

Teresa R.

Walid, thanks again for handling our bathroom renovation so expertly and quickly.  We appreciate how responsive you always were, and that you took care of our house so meticulously during the work.  We’re very happy!

Trish and Danny H.

I worked with Walid on a major house renovation and he is hands down the best contractor I have ever worked with. He has incredible attention to detail and makes sure that his work is perfect. He’s also the nicest person and always cheerful. Whether your project is large or small Walid is THE person you want on your team!

Hillary L

We could not be happier with the front porch restoration and built-in bar closet for our 1909 home. Working with Kraydi Builders was unique because there was clear communication, prompt execution, high quality, and fair pricing — a combination that is hard to find. We will not hesitate to hire Walid and his team for any future building projects, and will continue recommending them to friends and family.

Austin W. and Riley B.

Walid, you made a house our home.  Thank you!

Cynthia H.

Thank you so much for being a wonderful contractor!  We love our new house and couldn’t be happier with how you made it look.  It was great to know that no problem would arise that you couldn’t solve.  It made us feel good about letting you just do your job without having to worry about it.  And we appreciate your positive attitude and how much care you took with our house.  Thank you for making our lives better.

Richard and Katherine C.

I honestly cannot think of a better contractor and creative when it comes to design, build, renovations and remodeling projects. I’ve been a realtor in the area for the past 14 years and it took me over half that time to find a go-to contractor. Kraydi Builders has been that go-to for several years. I’ve used Kraydi Builders for personal projects and referred them to clients. When I’m out with clients touring a property, I often hear, “well, we could get Walid over to take a look” when I never made the introduction. Kraydi Builder’s reputation is flawless. Should you ever have a need for custom millwork, this is a niche they do exceedingly well.

Having an honest, dependable, RELIABLE contractor on your side is priceless. I can say confidently Kraydi Builders is all that and so much more!

Justin P.

We cannot recommend Walid and Kraydi Builders highly enough! We had a very complicated bathroom renovation and Walid was a consummate professional throughout the entire process. The job was completed to our full satisfaction, on budget, and on time. Most importantly, Walid was always available if we had questions or concerns and he was always willing to take the time to explain every detail of the work he and is crew were performing. Additionally, the members of the Kraydi Builders team were very polite, detail oriented, and worked to ensure that the areas of our home not undergoing renovations stayed clean and undamaged. We were extremely happy with all aspects of our experience with Kraydi Builders, from our first quote to our final walk-through.”
Skylar L.

Kraydi Builders recreated our 1960’s master bathroom and created a space worthy of magazine review.  The result is GORGEOUS!  This is not just a quick 2020 upgrade.  This is a classy, innovative shift in the space which not only brings us into the modern day, but changes the ease with which we use the space and makes it more welcoming to get up in the morning!   His price was slightly better than high quality competitors, and he offers more flexibility.  He can do as much or as little of a project as you need.  (We needed everything!)

 Walid Kraydi’s communication is excellent, he was able to walk us through several different possible designs and meet us exactly where we wanted to go.  He took time to listen to what we needed, measure the project himself and give multiple suggestions.  When we were underwhelmed with tile design, he steered us in the direction of some beautiful, higher quality aesthetic options that we had not known how to find.  His team was clean, his project was on time, and on budget.  Walid is an excellent manager, handling the integration of electric, plumbing, coordination with vendors for tile, shower equipment, glass, lighting, and he found us several quality pieces himself.  We will use Kraydi every time we have a project, and would recommend them highly.  5 stars!

Natasha B.

Kraydi Builders is a family-owned, full-service general contracting company, specializing in renovations, additions, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling, in homes, townhouses and condos.

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